Jaguars vs. Colts: REMATCH! (Game Preview 11/23/2014)

The Jacksonville Jaguars will face off against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, at 1:00 pm EST for a chance to redeem their season in the second half. View our predictions, stats, and more right here at Generation Teal!


The Jacksonville Jaguars have an 1-9 record so far this season, for last place in the AFC South. The Colts are better than the Jaguars, but with Blake Bortles, Denard Robinson, and other stars playing, the Jags do indeed have a chance to win, but they need to clean up their turnovers.

Our Prediction: Colts 35, Jaguars 17

The Colts are coming off of an ugly loss vs. New England, so playing at home vs. the 1-9 Jags will make it easier to get a win against us. Blake Bortles has not had a turnover-free game to date, but he has had a chance to clean up some stuff during the bye week. Most games we have played in have been close since week 3, when Bortles came in at halftime vs. the very same Colts. The defense had stepped up for a few games, but have let it slip a little these past 3 weeks. All of this factors factor into the probable loss at the Colts for the Jags.

Key Jaguars Position: Strong Safety/Free Safety

Johnathan Cyprien and Josh Evans need to improve their game if they want to stop the hot Colts offense. If Cyprien can actually tackle, I feel the Jags can be better on defense this week.

Key Jaguars Player(s): Blake Bortles and Denard Robinson

Blake Bortles has had good moments and bad moments this year, but he has regressed a little since he started playing. If he can clean up the turnovers and make good throws, he should be fine. Denard Robinson has been outstanding this season, having two 100-yard rushing games in a row and he even had a multiple touchdown game vs. the Cowboys. If the Jags give him the ball against the poor Colts running defense, we should be able to move the chains quit a lot.


Bortles must make throws, but they can’t all be risky throws that usually turn into interceptions. He has to give Denard the ball.

The Final Word

The season can still be saved! They must perform well (and win!) to gain any type of momentum. #BortlesKombat and #StandUnited!


Jaguars versus Titans: #StormWarning (Preview)

The Jacksonville Jaguars will face off against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, at 1:00 pm EST for a chance to prove themselves. View our predictions, stats, and more right here at Generation Teal!

storm johnson

The Jacksonville Jaguars have an 0-5 record so far this season, for last place in the AFC South. The Titans are not much better than the Jaguars. The Jaguars finally have a chance to  win a game. With Blake Bortles starting for the Jaguars, Ace Sanders back, and Toby Gerhart out, the Jags can win. Who will earn the victory this time?

Our Prediction: Titans 18, Jaguars 21

Blake Bortles. Storm Johnson. Denard Robinson. Allen Hurns. These players on offense can win the Jags a few games. Meanwhile, on defense, they had a much better game vs the Steelers, only allowing 10 points. The Jaguars will not have Toby Gerhart play against the Titans, but we feel the Jags can win this game with Bortles at the helm.

Key Jaguars Position: Runningbacks

Storm Johnson will get more carries, because last Sunday he had a 20 yard run. I feel that Todman, Johnson, and Robinson will do a nice job. I also feel that they are the key to winning this game.

Key Jaguars Player(s): Storm Johnson & Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles struggled last Sunday, throwing two picks and less than 200 yards. He will need to perform at a higher level now, along with Storm Johnson (his buddy from UCF).

Player/coach with the most to lose on Sunday: HC Gus Bradley

Gus Bradley needs to get his defense to be consistent, and the offense to put up points with Bortles. Bradley said this week that they are game planning for 3 QBs to play on Sunday. Yikes. They must call better plays and let Bortles toss it up!

The Final Word

The season can still be saved!. They must perform well (and win!) Sunday to have any chance of making the playoffs, however. The Jaguars are much better with Bortles, and we think the Jaguars will be ready for the Titans, but who knows? Get ready for #BortlesKombat, because there’s a #StormWarning!