Jaguars vs. Chargers: Bortles’ first start (Preview)

The Jacksonville Jaguars will face off against the San Diego Chargers on Sunday, at 4:05 pm EST for Blake Bortles’ first start of the 2014 regular season. View our predictions, stats, and more right here at Generation Teal!

blake bortles colts

The Jacksonville Jaguars have an 0-3 record so far this season, for last place in the AFC South. The Chargers are much better than the Jaguars, no question. The Jaguars do have a chance to shock the world though, with Blake Bortles finally starting for the Jaguars. Who will earn the victory this time?

Our Prediction: Chargers 32, Jaguars 24

With Chad Henne, the Jags are uninspired. With Blake Bortles, the team plays better. This is evident because the Jaguars scored 2 TDs and had a FG in the second half of the game vs. the Colts. Gus Bradley even admitted this after the game. I believe the Jaguars will play better with Bortles on offense. That being said, our defense has been surprisingly horrible after the first half against the Eagles. I believe we will have a closer game, but will still lose.

Key Jaguars Position: Linebackers

Blake Bortles held up against the Colts, as he scrambled and ran and threw for an 82 passer rating. The offensive line can play better with an athletic QB. The linebackers, however, has played below expectations. Paul Posluszny will need to have a better game on Sunday if the Jags want to win the game.

Key Jaguars Player: Toby Gerhart

The Jags need a running game. Toby Gerhart is not a good running back. Bortles can run, Denard Robinson can run. Toby Gerhart can not. He will remain on this list until he shows me otherwise. Prediction: 6 CAR, 24 YDS, 3 REC, 31 YDS.

Blake Bortles

Blake Bortles had an outstanding preseason, as he threw for two touchdowns and over 500 yards. He sat out the first two and a half games of the regular season, but threw for over 220 yards and 2 touchdowns in the second half vs. the Colts. He will finally start vs. the Chargers, and we predict he will have 330 yards passing for 3 TDs and 50 yards rushing.

The Final Word

The arrow is finally pointing “up”. They must perform well (and win!) Sunday to have any chance of making the playoffs, however. While the Jaguars will be much better with Bortles, we don’t think the Jaguars will be ready for an opponent like the Chargers, but who knows? Get ready for #BortlesKombat!