Jaguars vs. Falcons – What to watch for

Many fans out there want to see the highlight of the 2014 NFL Preseason – Blake Bortles. But that’s not all you should look forward to. Here’s Generation Teal’s “What to watch for” for the conclusion to the preseason.

#1: Ricky Stanzi vs. Stephen Morris

Ricky Stanzi is more experienced but that won’t stop Morris from putting up a battle. The Jaguars could keep 2, 3, or 4 QBs for the 2014 season, but look for which one of these guys looks better.

#2: The Center position battle

Will it be Luke Bowanko? Will it be Mike Brewster? Will it be Jacques McClendon? Brewster started the first two preseason games, but McClendon started week 3. Be sure to watch for who looks the best.

#3: Wide receivers

Look for Cecil Shorts III, Ace Sanders (who is returning for this game only), and Tandon Doss. Oh, and you might want to watch Allen Hurns and see what he does.

#4: Chad Henne

Henne will start the first regular season game, so be sure to check out how he looks. Bortles will be a story line as well, but let’s see how Henne looks this game.

That’s all for this preseason game! Get ready for the regular season, starting for the Jaguars on September 7th.


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